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Shopping Districts in Singapore
April 11, 2020
Malaysia Tour Packages
Malaysia Tour Packages
May 25, 2020

Singapore, its name in Malay language means City of Lion. It was small village a hundred years ago and has grown faster onto a metropolis which will be alive to day and night in short range of the time. A small state-city situated at the peek of the Malay Peninsula, it has been often called as the Little Red Dot by the nations which are its neighbourhood. It has been founded in 1819 by British and built as one of the main sea ports in the world. It has attracted foreigners in the middle or late to 1800s and also immigrants from all around the Asia. Singapore has its own religious and cultural attractions.

Esplanade Theatres

The Esplanade was opened as a part of the plan by the Government of Singapore in 2002. It has been preferred by the Local’s Durians more affectionately. This is to transform art scene of Singapore by keep bringing in the events which will be world class and inserting life into the drowsy local scene of arts. It has been situated at the river of the Singapore by Marina bay.

It is easy to reach by the island from all the parts where the many amazing thing to have look. There are major shopping centres and some other entertaining malls such as Raffle city, Suntec City and Marina Square. Within its premises one can see the varied number of pubs, eateries and some other entertaining places to chill and eat out after arts and concert performances that you may check this website to have more information.

Tours can be availed at the price of SGD$ 8 for the children and SGD$10 for the elders or adults. It is situated in Esplanade Drive.

Merlion Park

Merliom is the statue sculpted by Lim Nang Seng in Merlion park and it is official mascot of Singapore. Originally designed by the vice chancellor of Singapore university as for the Board of Singapore Tourism as the emblem. This is the main and most recognized as easy as the icon of Singapore around the world. It has been featured in countless publications and magazines. It has the height about 8.6 meters at One Fullerton. It belches the water for most hours per a day out of its mouth. It will attract and offer visitors all around the world to take snaps and keep as best memories to show you had been in the Singapore.


Chinatown in the Singapore vaulted up fast and shortly after landing of British in 1819 on the island. It was where the ethnic Chinese have been lived here for most of the decades under the rule of British. However today, one can see the religious building which are holding the major group of ethnics such as Indian temples and Malay mosques have been built near the Chines temples, witnessing to the ethnic harmony found in the new generation and modern Singapore.

Little India

Little India, the name itself is promising that the large and great Indian community’s centre in Singapore. This is one of the amazing and colourful places to visit in Singapore. The district itself is the primary attraction of this city. There are shop houses which are gaily painted that are treated as the icon of Singapore. Nowadays, most of the Chinese signs have been disappeared and replaced with Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and other Indian scripts.

Heaven on the earth phrase can be more suitable for the Singapore and on cannot die without seeing Singapore in lifetime.

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