Dedza Pottery, Malawi
25 Years of Ceramics

Handcrafted Pottery Products

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Good reasons for buying Dedza Pottery or Nkhotakota Pottery

(Nkhotakota Pottery has different shapes and decorations but is made from the same clay body, colours and glazes.)

Quality and Affordability - Dedza & Nkhotakota pottery gives a chance to buy high quality handcrafted pottery in many unique designs at affordable prices. Our pots are designed for modern living; they are tough and can cope with dishwashers and microwaves.

Safety - All the glazes used on our tableware are 100% non-toxic; thus the pots are completely safe for use with, or for storing, any kind of food or drink. They have been tested by the British Ceramic Research Association and meet all international safety standards. Oxfam Trading of U.K., before purchasing our products independently tested and passed as complying with European Union safety standards.

Your Own Designs -We can change shapes and sizes to suit customer’s requirements and we can decorate with designs supplied by customers.

Tried and Tested World-wide Delivery - Fully insured delivery available to any address in the world. To date we have exported over 11,000 personal orders to every continent.

Replacements are easy - You can always come back for more; either replacements or additions. And we are flexible; we can supply just a lid or just saucers without cups; we always aim to supply exactly what our customers require. We often add new designs but we can always repeat our old designs.

How to order Standard Pots in Standard Decorations

We make hundreds of different shapes in dozens of different standard designs. On this page we show some of our most popular shapes and decorations. Under each picture the first line shows the SHAPE, the second line shows the DECORATION, the third line shows the SHAPE CODE & the DECORATION CODE. The bottom line gives an approx. size. Most decorations can be done on any shape so just advise us the SHAPE & DECORATION you require.

How to place a Special Order

Almost half of our production is making special orders. Email us your requirements so that we can supply a quotation. If you want us to make something similar to something you have seen, or to replace a broken pot then a picture will be very helpful. (Sometimes our internet connections are slow so please reduce pictures to under 200KB if possible.) There is a small special order charge for new designs, however over the years we have made many thousands of shapes so we may well have already made the design you require, in which case there would be no special order charge.