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May 25, 2020

Thai Amulets are believed as lucky charm by Thai Buddhist and people. These amulets help to intensify anyone’s life from any sphere. Every Thai individual who believes in this lucky piece puts on it on their body. This is kind of a usual fashion among them to get blessings from Lord Buddha. Even when a Thai temple is forming up, it is necessary to put amulets in the making process.

Genuine Thai amulets can be made of gold, ceramic, silver, wood, plastic or jade. It includes various shapes and sizes i.e., round, oval, rectangular, and triangular and palm size, index finger size, thumb size or little finger size respectively. It portrays Lord Buddha illustration or any preeminent monk portrait or a person’s image who makes Thai amulets.

Making it from scratch to make it available to the market, it could take around a week to three years, sometimes even more than that.  Price depends on availability, the maker, amulet’s age, size or its work power. Sometimes the price can go up to US$3.2 million (100 million baht) for a century old blessed item.

Lp Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho Fish was very famous for Buddha with Animal Amulet which can help owner in many aspects such as good luck, wealth, protection, etc. Fish has symbol for luck, helps to improve everything in your life to be flow smoothly. Suitable for businessman or career related to water.

Phra Somdej is denominated as ‘King of Amulets’. It is trusted as the luckiest amulet by Buddhist. Most of the individuals who want to have their very first amulet chooses this blessed item. Any Buddhist, monks, amulet dealers or any other person who own more than one amulet, always possess at least one Phra Somdej in their collection.  It is first and foremost choice of a young amulet believer.

Rice powder, limestone and jasmine petals are mixed together in the making of this highly prized specimen. Some Buddhist claim, it may contain cremated monk’s hair and their ashes. It is said that the wearer of Phra Somdej gets protection from any physical harm. It brings good fortune and wealth. This gem offers so many benefits to the owner which have added an extra value to it.

Thai people are much superstitious. They say, some people survived from major accident or some criminals ran away  even after being shot many times just because they wore some peculiar amulets.

Customer picking up amulet by their own to scrutinises using a jeweller’s loupe is a usual scene at amulet markets in Thai cities. 70% Thai people wear amulets, some wear dozens or even hundreds on them before leaving their houses. In Thailand US$1.25 billion worth of Buddhist good luck charm are sold every year.

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