Things to Do If You Lose Your Phone

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August 28, 2020

It can be costly to lose your mobile, but more than cost that data which is present in phone will affect you more

According to 2018, Prey survey of its customer who have reported missing mobile devices, 69 percent are misplaced, and 31 percent are stolen in different ways. Since smartphone have become the heart of digital identities, in which we will check our addresses, stay linked to your social media, it uses these as our diary, & pay it with them, if you lose them, it’s extremely unnerving. Your phone will hold all virtual details of confidential personal information, if it falls in wrong hands, can be used for illegal acts.

Before your phone is lost or stolen, safeguarding your mobile begins well, but what precautions you need to take after and before phone go missing? You should listen to advice from which used Traceur GPS to track down your location.

How To Back up for your phone

This move is not so difficult, but in in case you haven’t done these steps still then you got to start as quickly as you can. There are many ways to do it, and last week we looked in more depth at backup solutions for smartphones.

To sum it up, on your machine, you can have local backup that contains all of the necessities, like contacts, messages, & images. Doing it once in a month at least will help you avoid headache for long time.

Parallel, you can turn on auto back up feature in your cell phone which will back up data to the cloud on a regular basis, else you can manually backup your data to cloud. If your machine fails your files get deleted, the safest way is do both & make several copies. The cloud choice is also useful, as you can quickly setup new cell phone using saved data if your phone is stolen.

Lock it Like a Fort Knox

Smartphones now deliver countless ways to tightly lock them up. The best choice is to keep strong passcode combination and bio metric lock like fingerprint.

An extra step of authentication is added by bio-metrics, which is often beneficial. Don’t go with default option as far as the password itself is concerned: make it much complicated. Some system allows to enlarge the passcode length, while others give you an option of selecting alphanumeric code. More complex the password is, the more difficult it’s for a hacker to crack it.

How to Find my handset?

Every phone will have “find my phone” service built on it, depending on the phone brand or device you’re using. The curiously called Find My app for iPhones, Find My Smartphone and Android has Find My Computer in general. Of course, they’ve all got to be allowed to work, in case if you haven’t done this yet, you will know that Regardless of brand drill. We can’t emphasize this enough, regardless of the brand you’re using you should’ve this choice turned on. Not only does it help you locate your computer, but this app also typically has many security features are included.

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